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Yuchai Series Diesel Generator: The Base Function of Yuchai 300 kW Generator

2019-05-21 16:16:54

Brushless Rotating Magnetopolar Synchronous Generator-Base Action Base

There are usually cast iron and steel plate welding. The inner wall of cast iron base is generally distributed with ribs to fix armature. The ends are machined with stop and screw holes to fix the end cap. The bottom of the base is cast with foot to fix the generator.

There is a power outlet box on the base, which is usually located on the right side of the base (from the axle extension end) or on the upper part of the base. The outlet box is equipped with wiring boards to facilitate the extraction of AC power. The outlet boxes located at the upper part of the frame are generally equipped with excitation regulators for regulating excitation voltage. The frame of steel plate welding structure is welded by several cover steel plates, end rings and bottom feet. It has the characteristics of saving labor and materials, light weight and novel shape.

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