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Yuchai Generator set Noise reduction system

2019-04-01 15:58:23

Yuchai Generator set will produce certain noise during operation, affecting the surrounding daily life, especially in schools, hospitals and other special occasions. You also need good ventilation in noise reduction, because good ventilation is the premise to ensure the normal operation of the unit. As for the fan noise reduction of the unit, we can deal with it from the following aspects.

1. Air intake silencing system in engine room

(1)In order to meet the cooling air and burning air quantity needed by the unit during operation, the machine room is ventilated by mechanical air intake mode.

(2) Two air intake ducts are built with bricks outside the engine room, and a low noise axial fan is installed under the wall of the air intake duct to supply air to the engine room.

(3) Installed in the intake duct is a large air volume combined chip muffler, which absorbs airflow noise and mechanical noise.

(4) An air inlet is opened on the outer wall of the air inlet, and special aluminum alloy shutters and protective screen are installed at the air inlet to prevent foreign bodies from entering the air inlet.

2. Air exhaust and noise elimination system in engine room


(1) Two exhaust ducts are built with bricks outside the computer room.

(2) Installation of a large air volume combined chip muffler in each exhaust duct to absorb exhaust flow noise and mechanical noise.

(3) The exhaust outlet is positioned in front of the unit, and the front end of the radiator of the unit is equipped with flexible joints for vibration reduction and ducts for ventilation expansion and anechoic duct, which are connected to the exhaust hot air anechoic duct.

(4) Special aluminum alloy shutters and protective screen are installed at the outlet of the exhaust duct to prevent foreign bodies from entering the duct.

3. Exhaust muffler of unit

The noise attenuation volume of exhaust mufflers randomly allocated to generating units is very small, generally 15-20 dB (A), which can not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Re-install high-efficiency micro-perforated plate exhaust muffler designed for high, medium and low frequency noise on the exhaust pipe of the unit. Its characteristics are large noise attenuation, small resistance, high temperature resistance of material and structure. The exhaust pipe is connected with the flue gas outlet of the unit by metal bellows to reduce the vibration and noise caused by the steel connection.

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