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What constitutes a diesel generator?

2019-05-21 16:12:22

Composition of diesel generator:

I. Diesel generating units are mainly composed of two parts: engines and generators.

The thrust acting on the piston becomes the force driving the crankshaft to rotate through the connecting rod, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate. Diesel engine drives the generator to run and converts the energy of diesel into electric energy.

When the alternator is coaxially installed with the crankshaft of the diesel engine, the rotating of the diesel engine can drive the rotor of the generator. By using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the generator will output the induced electromotive force, and the current will be generated through the closed load loop. 2. Six systems of diesel engine: 1. Lubrication system;

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2. Fuel system; 3. Cooling system; 4. Intake and exhaust system; 5. Control system; 6. Start-up system.

[1] Friction reduction of lubrication system (high-speed rotation of crankshaft, once lack of lubrication, immediately burn the embracing shaft, piston and piston ring in the cylinder high-speed reciprocating motion, its linear speed as high as 17-23m/s, easy to cause heating and cylinder pulling) reduces power consumption and reduces wear and tear of machine parts. It also has the functions of cooling, cleaning, sealing and anti-oxidation and corrosion.

Lubrication system maintenance? Check the oil level every week to maintain the correct oil level; check the oil pressure after starting the engine. Check the oil level every year to maintain the correct oil level; check the oil pressure after starting the engine; take oil samples and replace the oil and oil filter. Check oil level every day. Extract oil samples every 250 hours and replace oil filters and oils. Clean crankcase respirator every 250 hours. Check engine crankcase oil level and keep oil level between the "add" and "full" marks on the side of the oil gauge "engine stop". Check the following parts for leakage: crankshaft seal, crankcase, oil filter, oil duct plug, sensor and valve chamber cover.

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[2] The fuel system completes the storage, filtration and transportation of fuel. Fuel supply device: diesel tank, fuel pump, diesel filter, injector, etc.

Maintenance of the fuel system checks whether the joint of the fuel pipeline is loose and leaky. Ensure that fuel is supplied to the engine. Fuel the fuel tank every two weeks; check the fuel pressure after starting the engine. After starting the engine, check whether the fuel pressure is normal; after the engine stops running, fill the fuel tank with fuel. Release water and sediment from fuel tank every 250 hours and replace diesel fine filter every 250 hours

[3] The high temperature of diesel generator in cooling system is caused by the combustion of diesel oil and friction of moving parts. In order to ensure that the heating parts and supercharger shell of diesel engine are not affected by high temperature, and to ensure the lubrication of each working face, it is necessary to cool the heating part. When the diesel generator is not well cooled and the temperature of the parts is too high, it will cause some faults. Diesel generator parts can not be over-cooled, too low temperature parts will also cause adverse consequences.

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Cooling system maintenance? Check the coolant level every day, add coolant when necessary? Check the concentration of rust inhibitor in coolant every 250 hours, and supplement it when necessary? Wash the whole cooling system every 3000 hours and replace the new coolant? Check the coolant level every week to maintain the correct coolant level. Annual inspection of pipeline leakage, detection of the concentration of antirust agent in coolant, adding antirust agent when necessary. Remove coolant every three years, clean and flush the cooling system; replace the temperature regulator; replace the rubber hose; refill the cooling system with coolant.

[4] The intake and exhaust system of diesel engine includes intake and exhaust pipes, air filter, cylinder head and intake and exhaust pipes in cylinder block. The intake and exhaust system is maintained and the air filter indicator is checked weekly. The air filter is replaced when the red indicator period appears. Replace air filter annually; check/adjust valve clearance. Every day check the air filter indicator every 250 hours to clean/replace the air filter. When the new generator unit first uses 250 hours, check/adjust the valve clearance.

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