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Use of Coolant in Installation of Generator Sets

2018-12-14 17:19:12

Regardless of basic water quality, once the engine is put into operation, the entire engine cooling water system must be softened water and cooling water additive or processing fees than not caused by insufficient cavitation damage consuming much smaller. If the cooling system is well maintenance and repair, the diesel engine generally run 12500,18750 hours, only a few cavitation damage occurs; if the maintenance is not good, then after 1250 hours running diesel engine, diesel engine cylinder must be replaced and other parts.

Therefore, the diesel engine requires the user to closely monitor the concentration of diesel engine coolant additives, proper maintenance of the diesel engine protection support and so on.

For standby generator set, Hengfha recommends that customers always use distilled water instead of softened water; for common generator, Hengfha recommends customers must use softened water treated.

For CUMMINS engine, it recommended concentration for each US gallon (3.785 liters) engine 15coolant adding 1-2 units of DCA. For example a coolant capacity of 14 gallons of diesel engines, the diesel engine can be installed in a 15-unit additives DCA2 water filter water filter DCA4 3305370 or 3318318, so that in the 14-gallon diesel engine cooling system, each gallon 1.07 units of the diesel engine coolant additive unit to contain. For dry exhaust pipe without heat exchanger HENGFHA Cummins generator sets, the following table lists the various reserves coolant generator set, so that the user reference.

Antifreeze (ethylene glycol or ene glycol-based) and mixed water can lower the freezing point increases the boiling point. Based on the expected minimum temperature, check the table below to determine the percentage of antifreeze required. In most cases the percentage of recommended 30/70 to 60/40 antifreeze and water.

Internal olefins ethylene drunk less toxic than ethylene glycol-based antifreeze base and provide better protection lining.

200 / 175KW diesel generator set above should be installed coolant filtering devices to reduce clogging and corrosion, they should be compatible with most antifreeze rules. Small units containing antifreeze should resist.

Users should refer to the engine operation and maintenance manual to determine what type of cooling system to use. Or immediately contact your supplier..

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