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The maintenance of Cummins diesel filter

2019-04-02 08:58:45

The diesel filter of Cummins generating unit needs regular maintenance. Maintenance of the diesel filter is the guarantee of the normal operation of the unit. In the process of maintenance, we need to pay attention to the following points.

During the maintenance of Cummins diesel filter, the upper and lower sealing rubber gaskets and oil on the filter element were lost. This will result in diesel oil not passing through the filter element, but from the gap between the filter element and the filter cover to the filter element chamber without resistance, and the diesel filter loses its filtering function.

During the maintenance of Cummins diesel filter, the trays and springs of the diesel filter are reversed, and even thrown away, so that the inlet and outlet holes on the cover of the diesel filter are in an open state, and the diesel oil can not be filtered and directly enters the injection pump.new.jpg

During the maintenance of Cummins diesel filter, if found that the internal and filter element is particularly clean, does not mean that diesel is very clean. The possible reason is that the filter paper material of the filter element is loose, the micropore is too large, and the filter paper has not played a filtering role.

These are common problems in the regular maintenance of Cummins diesel filter. More questions about unit maintenance are welcome to consult the Hengfha Power Supply. We specialize in the production and sale of diesel generators, providing power solutions for users worldwide.

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