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Weichai Diesel Genset

Our factory is one of the OEM distributors of Weichai Power Plant. Weichai Power engine has low noise, small vibration, stable operation, big horsepower, good quality and fuel economy.

Weichai (WEICHAI) Power Co., Ltd was established in 1946, with 70 years of development history. is the key enterprise in China's internal combustion engine industries.ShandongHengfha Power Supply Co., Ltd mainly adopts seven series of WeiChai products which are Yang Chai, Weichai medium-sized diesel engine, Steyr, Baudouin, Man,160 and 170 series engines. The power range is from 15kw to 1200kw ,about 600 kinds of products. By improving technology. all our generator sets can reached Euro III environmental standard, are environmentally friendly products.


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