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Volvo Diesel Genset

The Volvo diesel engine is a six cylinder, water cooled, exhaust turbocharged diesel engine.

Volvo is the largest industrial company in Sweden with the history of more than 120 years. As one of the oldest engine manufacturers in the world, it has the world's leading diesel engine technology which can meet the requirements and application of some big equipment and industries.

Shandong Hengfha Power Supply co., LTD uses Volvo engine as the power supply part of the generator set, which greatly improved production efficiency and performance rely on comprehensive, reliable technology solutions. Volvo diesel engine is the ideal power supply for the diesel generators.

Hengfha Volvo diesel generator sets has the features of stable operation, high power, low fuel consumption, lownoise, small volume and easy installation. lts advanced fuel injection and low flow resistance of air intake system makes the combustion is very full. So It has reached Euro II and Euro III Environmental standards.


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