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Shangchai Diesel Gen-set

Shang Chai quality system is perfect, through ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system certification. The power range covers 100-1000 horsepower, and the emissions can reach Euro 4 and Euro 5. The products are distributed throughout China and the world.

Shanghai Diesel Engine Co.. Ltd. (SDEC), was founded in April1947 which has nearly 70 years’ diesel engine’s manufac-turing experience. SDEC is the undisputed technology leaderin China's internal combustion engine industry. The companyalready has five series which are G128/135、C(121)、 D(114)、P11C、105, and more than 30O complete product structures.

The power ranges from 60hp to 600hp. The products are widelyused in the truck, passenger cars, construction machinery,ships,mobile power plants and other fields.

Shandong Hengfa Power Supply Co., Ltd adopts the four seriesof shangchai as the main power of the diesel generator whichpower is ranging from 50kw to 1200kw .HengfhaShangchaiseries diesel generator can meet all demands from thecustomers with its outstanding features of large toque, highreliability, low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise.


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