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Ricardo Diesel Gen-set

Weifang Ricardo diesel generating set is China's diesel generating set and parts suppliers.low price, high quality

Weifang series diesel generator is divided into two parts: Ricardo series and styer series. Diesel engines adopt ricardo technology and styertechnology.Which are mainly 95、100、105、113、126 series upright diesel engines and four cylinders、six cylinders、direct injection high speed diesel engines with water cooling and four-stroke.

Shandong Hengfha Power Co.Itd adopts Ricardo series diesel engines which power ranges from 33kw-185kw and Styer series diesel engines which power ranges from 258kw-372kw as the main power of the diesel generators. Hengfa Weifang series generating units with low fuel consumption, high torque, starting easily and convenient maintenance the ideal supporting power for maricultural, hospitals, communications, engineering constructions and so on.


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