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Perkins Diesel Gen-set

Perkins diesel generator set up to Euro three environmental emission standard, low emission pollution.

UK Perkins Enterprise is a well-known engine manufacturer company in the world.ShandongHengfha Power Supply Co.LTD adopts Perkins-Rolls-Royce(4 to 2000kw) diesel engine as the main power of the diesel generator. Hengfhaperkins series generator sets adopts 1300、2300、2800 series new EFI type diesel engine and apply the most advanced ECM. So, this series diesel generators has the characteristics of mall size, light weight, stable performance, low fuel consumption, lessemissions and so on. Its emissions are the lowest in the domestic diesel engines. Which reaches EU-II /EPA Tier 3 level, and come to the full demands from German TALuft. And meet the provisions of France for the second phase of the CO2 limit for standby generators.

Today,.Hengfa has inherited the high quality of UK Perkins. Our company has become a leading supplier of 4-2000kw (5-2600hp)diesel generator sets in the market. In the fields of Industrial buildings, agricultural irrigation, marine and land power generation equipment,. All choose Shandong Hengfha Power Co,ltd to provide the generator equipment. Because no matter how harsh customers are demanding, Shandong Hengfa Power Co., Ltd is always able to provide the pertect solutions for them.


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