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Inspection Matters for No-load Operation of Generator Sets

2018-12-21 10:46:03

Before the operation of generating units, basic debugging and inspection are needed to ensure the normal operation of the units in the later stage. Usually, no-load operation inspection is needed before the operation of the units. The following points should be paid attention to in the inspection process.

No-load operation of the generator set of a few minutes, if a fault occurs, the machine should be turned off immediately.

Detailed examination of the following items.

1, The engine oil pressure machine reading of 2.8kg / cm² (401b / in2) or more.

2, The engine fan blades, fan trays without loss, shell hit.

3, Check the actual load reading on the battery charger or discharge table.

4, Engine oil leaks.

5, The vent system whether there is sufficient fresh air.

6, cooling water pipes for leaks.

7, The exhaust gas system for leaks.

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