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How to maintain the Generator of hengfha diesel generator set

2018-12-25 11:38:43

Diesel generating units are often used as standby power supply, most of the time they are in standby state. Once main power off, it is necessary to require the units to supply power in time. In order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor, the motor must be inspected.


1) Winding

Winding condition by measuring the insulation resistance is measured. AVR do this test must be completely disconnected, all RTD (thermistor temperature detectors) are grounded, 500V application merger or similar instrument to be tested. All winding insulation resistance must be greater than 1.0MΩ, motor windings shall otherwise dry.

2) Bearings

During the bearing life, we recommend regular inspection overheating and noise of the bearing. If excessive vibration occurs after a period of time, it may be due to bearing wear caused damage shall inspect the bearings, may be the lack of lubricant and, if necessary, be replaced.

Note: Check the windings, bearings must be carried out by qualified service personnel, otherwise it will damage the generator.

Maintenance Cautions:

1) Remove the parts should be kept, not lost.

2) The main parts such as rotors, cover, stand, gray brush shall be light, do not crashing deformation.

3) Remove the thread mark to do, in order to avoid wrong connection during installation.

4) And the bearing cap must properly cover with a clean paper, not allow dust to enter.

5) Cover the pole bolts shall alternately screwed.

6) Motor is assembled, first gently rotate the rotor, this time should be no impact and wiring.

7) During generator maintenance details, see Installation and maintenance manual.

More questions about the installation of generating units, welcome to consult the constant power supply, we provide the unit consulting for the global users. Welcome to contact us with service@hengfha.com

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