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How to ensure the temperature of Yuchai 400 kW diesel generator in operation?

2019-01-14 16:43:49

Our Yuchai 400 kilowatt diesel generator weighs about 3300 kg. It can be called a big machine. The big machine will produce a lot of heat when it works. The unit is too hot to work. It needs a constant temperature. How can we ensure a constant temperature?

You know, we usually add special coolant to the cooling system to help cool down. Coolant should be used in accordance with the regulations to keep sufficient amount of coolant. When the engine is in cold state, the level of coolant should be displayed between the highest and lowest marks of the expansion tank. There is an automatic liquid level alarm sensor in the expansion tank. If the liquid level is lower than the lowest mark of the expansion tank, it means that we need to add coolant. It is worth noting that the coolant in the expansion tank can not be filled, so there is a certain room for expansion.

Usually Yuchai 400 kW diesel generating set is water-cooled. The cooling system of generating units is mainly divided into water cooling and air cooling. When the diesel engine is running, the fuel is burned in the cylinder, which makes the cylinder and related parts heated. The external and internal cleanliness of the cooling system is one of the important conditions for improving the heat dissipation efficiency of the unit. If the outside of the radiator is contaminated with soil, oil or heat sink because of collision and deformation, it will affect the passage of wind, the radiator heat dissipation effect will become worse, resulting in excessive temperature of coolant. In this case, we suggest that the radiator should be cleaned or repaired in time.

Yuchai 400 kW diesel generator

In addition, the quality of cooling water has a great impact on the operation and service life of Yuchai 400 kW diesel generating set. If the quality of cooling water is not good, it may cause scaling of cylinder liner and cooling water pipeline of diesel engine, thus reducing the effect of cooling water and water flow rate, and the acid content of water quality will also cause corrosion problems of engine parts. When scale, sediment or oil are accumulated in the cooling system, the heat transfer of the coolant will be affected. If we add inferior coolant or water, it is especially easy to cause scales in cooling system to increase. We should know that the heat transfer capacity of scales is only one-tenth of that of metals, so the cooling effect becomes worse over a long time. So high quality coolant should be added to the cooling system.

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