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How to Deal with the Black Smoke of Yuchai Generator Unit

2019-01-26 14:30:09

Generator set can be used as main power or standby power supply. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, hotels and other places. Yuchai series generator set can be used as standby power supply with lower price and stable performance.

After a long time operation, Yuchai series generating units need to be maintained and cleaned up. If the cleaning is not timely, there may be operational failure. The most common fault is Black Smoke from Unit No-load. In addition, no-load unit smoke may also be oil products do not meet the standards or other  the problem. There are also several common reasons.Yuchai-diesel-genset-made-in-China.jpg

1. Blockage of air filter or blockage of ventilation hole of fuel relief valve results in insufficient intake of engine. In case of this problem, you need to remove the air filter or Fuel relief valve for inspection, clean or replace the air filter filter or Fuel relief valve element to ensure smooth intake.

2. The intake and exhaust pipes of engines are not smooth or the back pressure of intake and exhaust is too high. It is necessary to check the engine intake and exhaust pipelines to ensure that the engine intake and exhaust pipelines remain unblocked.

3. Oil quality can not meet the requirements. You should change Oil products.

4. When the turbocharger fails, it is necessary to check whether the turbocharger is working properly, check whether the bearing has dirt, and repair it if necessary.

The above are the common causes and solutions of black smoke from diesel generating units. If the above reasons are excluded, the problem of black smoke from diesel generating units still exists. You need to contact the supplier or qualified repairman for processing.More questions about the use of generators are Welcome to contact us with service@hengfha.com

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