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How to Deal with Low Oil Pressure in Volvo Generator

2019-01-04 14:16:03

Diesel generator set is the most commonly used standby power supply, which provides support for our basic life and construction convenience. As a standby power supply, the generator unit should be able to provide timely and effective power support when the main power supply is cut off. Therefore, the stability and timeliness of the unit are highly demanded. And, unit operators need to be skilled in the daily maintenance of the unit in order to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

The daily faults of units require operators to check and repair in time. Low oil pressure is a common breakdown in unit operation. Such problems can usually be solved from the following aspects:

1. Diesel engine oil is too little.

Solution: Add oil to the appropriate position on the oil gauge.

2. Pressure gauge failure or oil pressure detector failure.

Solution: Replace oil pressure gauge or oil pressure detector.

3. Failure of diesel engine oil pressure conveyor.

Solution: Replace the transmitter.

4. The lubricant filter is blocked.

Solution: Maintain the filter.

5. Improper viscous of diesel engine oil.

Solution: Drain crankcase oil and add proper lubricant.

6. Oil pump wear.

Solution: Replace the oil pump.

7. Bearing wear.

Solution: Oil pump.

Above is the common reason for low oil pressure of generating units. The above method can not solve the problem of low oil pressure, you can call hengfha power. Hengfha is a professional generator manufacturer. We provides installation, sales, maintenance and maintenance services of generating units. Welcome to contact us with service@hengfha.com

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