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How to Check Cummins Generator Unit with Load

2019-01-25 09:30:11

Before starting Cummins generating unit, it is necessary to carry out routine load check on the unit. So how to check the unit with load? Hengfha will introduce you the matters needing attention in checking with load.

With load operation of the unit at least 1 hour. Testing should pay attention to:


1, the generator frequency from the frequency table records, generator shaft speed is actually a linear function, and generally the engine speed is 1500RPM and generator frequency 50 HZ consistent. During acceleration the engine may run slightly faster speed and ultra-frequency reading about a 1 5HZ, which is permissible.

2, the entire unit in operating state, the output voltage of any phase floating on the record must be within ± 2%.

3, according to each phase current record to check whether the load balancing to ensure full load current does not exceed daily towel per phase or all phases of the allowed values.

4, engine oil pressure. As the engine temperature increases, the viscosity of the lubricant will reduce. Therefore, a reference oil pressure reading, run at full capacity for about 1 hour, the engine temperature will stabilize when the oil pressure of not less than 2.8kg / cm² (401b / in2).

5, engine coolant temperature: 1-hour full load operation of the generator set, engine temperature will rise, before they are settled down again, the coolant temperature should not exceed 97 ℃.

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