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How to Calculate Fuel Consumption of Yuchai Series Generators

2019-01-25 08:48:41

Yuchai series generating units are popular in the market at present. They have good economic performance, low fuel consumption and sufficient power. But many people do not calculate the fuel consumption of Yuchai generating unit in detail. Hengfha provides you with the calculation method of the fuel consumption of Yuchai generating unit.


Generally speaking, the fuel consumption of generating units is related to the following two factors:

1. The fuel consumption rate of diesel generating units and the fuel consumption of various brands of diesel generating units are different.

2. When the load of diesel generator set is large, the fuel consumption will be larger, and the relative fuel consumption will be smaller when the load is small.

Guidelines for Conversion of Units for Calculating Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption:





Note: The ratio of water to diesel oil is about 1:0.84-0.86, so,1L = 0.84-0.86 kg, 1L = 0.85 KG.

We usually use the unit G/KW.H, which means how many grams of oil are consumed per hour per kilowatt, and how many liters of oil are consumed by replacing this unit with this unit, so that you can know exactly how much oil you are consuming per hour, and some manufacturers directly tell L/H that is the meaning of how many liters of oil are consumed per hour.

Above is the calculation method of fuel consumption of Yuchai generating set. More questions about diesel generating set are Welcome to contact us with service@hengfha.com

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