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Hengfha super silent generator sets for Frontier Defense Force

2018-12-27 16:38:10

Hengfha Frontier Defense Force's electric power project construction started.

Hengfha cooperated with the frontier defense forces to improve the power supply and communication connection of the troops. The units of hengfha were also applied in a timely manner. The life of officers and soldiers was greatly improved.

The border area has a high altitude, complex terrain and some difficulties in the construction of power supply engineering. The base station is located on the plateau of 3000 meters above sea level. The first thing to overcome is the influence of low temperature on the unit. Hengfha choose the engine that can work normally in low temperature environment with patent technology suitable for remote and high-cold areas. Also need to prepare antifreeze, etc.

This project has a tight time limit, urgent tasks, high technical requirements, the difficulty of the whole project, and high technical and construction requirements for the entire implementation process. Through cooperation with the army, Hengfha's technical team has accumulated a lot of experience in power supply projects, which has accumulated experience for future implementation of extreme environment programs.

The completion of the project is only the first step of power supply, and the long-term stable operation and maintenance of the latter is the key. A 24-hour service hotline has been set up for constant power generation, which provides a practical and reliable guarantee for the normal power supply of the station.

At present, the power supply system of the base station is operating normally, the power supply at the border has been effectively guaranteed, and the communication capacity has been improved. Hengfha insists on making its due contribution in the process of realizing the general goal of social stability and long-term stability.

The power case:

Hengfha Provides Electric Power Support to Border Defense Forces with two 300kw diesel genset power by Weichai engine.

Border defense power supply environment is complex, which requires the normal operation of units at low temperature and low pressure. Weichai power engine has a perfect solution to the harsh environment. It can be used normally in high temperature, low temperature, high dust and plateau environment.