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Hengfha mute type generator sets for multi-functional stadiums

2018-12-17 10:12:29

Hengfha is the world's leading supplier of diesel and gas generators. We have provided power solutions for many multi-functional stadiums around the world.

Apart from the main stadium, the stadium has two secondary stadiums and four training grounds. There are also hotels and restaurants, service buildings and fire stations in the stadium.

We provide electricity support for the entire stadium cover from stadium to service center. Considering hotel accommodation and competition situation, we mainly recommend the installation of generator set with mute box. It can reduce the noise to the lowest level, so as to ensure the better rest of the guests.

We also installed ATS for the stadium which can automatically switch the power supply to achieve the function of automatic power supply outage, which can effectively shorten the time of power outage and avoid causing panic and other losses.

The completion of the stadium power supply project has won more commercial victories for Hengfha, and we have subsequently provided power support for many small stadiums.

Hengfha has distributors and after-sales service providers all over the world. We provide power support to customers worldwide. Efficient after-sales service team can solve more customers' problems. We also provide support for many power solutions. Welcome the consultation and cooperation of global customers.


The power case:

Hengfha provided two 300kw generator units for multi-functional stadiums project in Omsk Prefecture, Russia

Multi-functional stadiums project in Omsk Prefecture, Russia need two Yuchai 300kw mute type generator set. The silent generator set is made for the special environment of the hotel, which can minimize noise.

We provide the most comprehensive power solutions, based on quality, service, price, maintenance depots across the country giving you more at ease use-we were not disappointed.