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Hengfha movable type generator sets for Road Construction

2018-12-01 11:43:44

The power supply of highway construction project is an important part of the whole project because of its special environment. We need think about its continuity and mobility of power supply. Fortunately we have the mobile generators than can be used for continuous power consumption during driving operation to meet the particularity of highway construction.

Considering the field conditions, load characteristics and required performance, hengfha generator units can provide accurate and timely technical data, powerful load model and optimization algorithm to help select the most suitable generating units and provide the most efficient power scheme.


Some other function configurations can also be customized, including automatic control system, rainproof box and so on. We will provide you with the best scheme of electricity.

We provide you with the following technical support:

l  Leading Generator Designs for All Series of Industries - Solves Most Electric Power Problem

l  Various types of customizable configuration schemes

l  Parts, services and support covering global networks

l  Operator Training to Improve Electricity Efficiency and Reduce Electricity Faults

l  Cleaner, quieter machines to meet requirements, avoid fines and damage your reputation.

Hengfha can make the best of technology and services to provide your work site efficiency, collect the latest data. Timely adjust the program according to the data, you will get more and more information and help than before.



The power case:

Hengfha provided two yuhcai 300kw generator units for road construction project in Tomsk region, Russia

Road construction project in Tomsk region, Russia ordered two movable genset of Yuchai series. Hengfha provide comprehensive equipment and technical support

We provide the most comprehensive power solutions, based on quality, service, price, maintenance depots across the country giving you more at ease use-we were not disappointed.