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Hengfha mobile trailer generator sets for the Port of Norfolk

2019-01-18 17:20:52

An independent city and port in southeastern Virginia, the Port of Norfolk lies on the Elizabeth River at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. The Virginia Port Authority owns the Port of Norfolk International Terminals, Newport News Marine Terminal, Portsmouth Marine Terminal and the Virginia Inland Port, in Front Royal. These four facilities, combined, make up The Port of Virginia.

Virginia's mid-Atlantic location offers shippers easy access to the mainland. Virginia boasts the best natural deepwater harbor on the East Coast. Fifty-foot deep channels have room enough for the largest container ships. Just 18 miles from the open sea, the ice-free harbor of Virginia Inland Port is open year-round.

Port of Norfolk International Terminals is the largest terminal and home to the world's largest container cranes. They can move forty 50-ton containers in an hour.

The port moving billion of international freight and over 24 million tons of international merchandise through the Port of Norfolk, including 15 million tons of exports and 9 million tons of imports. Over 700 vessels called at the Port of Norfolk, 73% container and 13% dry-bulk.

Such a large volume of transportation needs huge power support. In addition to guaranteeing the basic daily demand for electricity, ports need to be ready for standby power at any time. Backup power support is the primary problem to be solved.

Hengfha provides four 400 kW mobile generators for the port to solve this problem. Mobile generators can be moved to anywhere at any time, to ensure the port can be supplied enough power timely and effectively. Cummins series generators always be used as a main power supply, its stability is very good. In this project, Cummins genset can better accomplish tasks as a standby power supply. Cummins Series Generator Units also have the characteristics of convenient maintenance and moisture resistance, can run smoothly in complex environment. 

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The power case:

Hengfha provides Cummins 300 kW mobile generators for the port of Norfolk