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Hengfha ATS for Backup Power

2019-02-11 16:52:21

Hengfha ATS system is used in the building of the backup or emergency power supply system. The automatic switching screen (ATS) switches the connected load between mains and backup power without operator intervention. ATS can monitor the work of the mains power supply. When the mains power is abnormal or can not be suitable for continued power supply, the ATS can automatically start the generator. Then, when the generator voltage is normal, the important load of the building is switched to the generator set. Hengfa automatic switch for the first-class switch, it has a double protection mechanism (electronic interlock, mechanical interlock), can absolutely guarantee that the load at any time only with a power connection, that is, electricity or standby generator.


  1. Hengfha ATS can monitor the main power through voltage circuit, when the mains power supply interruption or lack of voltage or too much, after a delay of 0-10 seconds (this delay can avoid error due to power short-term caused by load), then start signal output, to provid to the generator controller to start the generator quickly.

  2. During the generator acceleration, the ATS screen monitors whether the voltage is normal and starts another standard delay when the output voltage reaches the predetermined value. This is called the switching time delay      (adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds). Its purpose is to transfer the load, to ensure that the generator speed and voltage stability.

Note: the time relays is on the middle of PCB plate 10minus/SJ17.

  1. After switching delays, the ATS can switch the load to the standby generator.

  2. The voltage detector can monitor if mains power is restored, and then it can output a signal to start a delay . It is called the switching delay (0-10s adjustable). It can confirm whether the mains power is on stabilized.

  3. If the mains power is stable in this period, the load will be switched to the mains power.

  4. The adjustable delay relay on the switching screen allows the generator to cool down after unloading. The cooling time is adjustable from 0 to 10 minutes.

Note: The time relays on the middle of PCB plate 10minutes/SJ17.



1.    put the ATS switch on “ON”, then the battery of diesel generator supplies the power to the ATS

2.    put the selection switch on “AUTO”, can come to start the diesel generator automatically when the electricity failure; when the voltage is stable, can work automatically by transfer switch, transfer the load to the diesel generator: when there is electricity, the ATS can transfer it automatically

3.    put the ATS’s selection switch is on “ELECTRICITY”, no matter the electricity is normal or not, the ATS will put the load on electricity, do not start the diesel generator.

4.    Put the ATS ‘s selection switch on ‘GENERATING’, ATS will start the diesel generator automatically, after the voltage is stable, ATS will transfer the load to the diesel generator.

5.    When the diesel generator is on-load, there are mechanical faults or the unnormal voltage (too high or too low), the ATS’s switch will back to “OFF”, break down the power supply for load to protect the load equipment

6.    If there is trickle charger in the ATS, should put the charging switch on “ON”, then can assure the diesel generator is in the charging conditions, or the charging indicator will light.

With regard to the ATS detailed functions, please contact with Hengfha’s agent

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