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Gas consumption of natural gas generator sets: pay attention to the main points of generator maintenance

2019-02-12 09:33:28

After the natural gas generator set is used for a period of time, it must be maintained. This will not only eliminate the hidden troubles of the generator set, but also ensure that the unit is in good working condition. What should we pay attention to when maintaining the diesel generator set?

After the oil is used in the diesel engine for a period of time, there will be metal grinding debris, which will cause the quality of the oil to change. Therefore, the oil should be replaced according to the period of use specified in the instructions. Impurities and moisture are not allowed in the diesel. Because the plunger and injector parts inside the fuel injection pump and the injector are precision parts, if the impurities and moisture in the diesel enter the plunger coupler and the nozzle part, it is easy to make these pieces Dead or rusted.

During the working process, the diesel generator set tends to loosen the bolts and nuts due to vibration, and in the serious case, the entire diesel generator set will be damaged. When the connecting rod bolt is loose and cannot be found in time, the connecting rod will break the body and other accidents; when the locking screw of the fuel pump drive connecting plate is loosened, the fuel supply advance angle of the diesel generator set will change.

The above is the relevant knowledge that Xiaobian explains for you. We have a rigorous work attitude and skilled work skills, which will ensure the task is completed accurately and efficiently.

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