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Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA 200 KW power-supply set Four-protection system China factory

Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA 200 KW power-supply set Four-protection system China factory
Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA 200 KW power-supply set Four-protection system China factory
Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA 200 KW power-supply set Four-protection system China factory
Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA 200 KW power-supply set Four-protection system China factory
Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA 200 KW power-supply set Four-protection system China factory
Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA 200 KW power-supply set Four-protection system China factory
Dongfeng Cummins G3 250Kva power-supply set Four-protection system China factory:
1.Cummins Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of power equipment, which concentrates on producing and marketing the diesel engines and gas engines in one.
2. The rotating parts of the unit are equipped with protective cover. The protection grade of the generator is IP23, the insulation grade is H, and the operation of the unit is safe and reliable
3.Dongfeng Cummins G3 250Kva power supply set four-protection system:the diesel generator has the functions of starting、stopping 、and emergency stop.
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1.Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA/200 KW Diesel Generator Set  Features

1Factory direct

2One years long warranty

324 hours service

4Standard intelligent four protection system

5Electrically adjustable high pressure injection pump

6Copper Brushless Motor - Permanent Magnet

7Brand-name electronic components

8High-strength bending chassis

9Customized on demand, matching series

2.Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA/200 KW  Diesel Generator Set Product picture



Turbocharger is actually an air compressor that increases air intake by compressing air.It uses the inertia impulse of the exhaust gas from the engine to drive the turbine in the turbine room. The turbine drives the coaxial impeller, and the impeller presses the air sent by the air filter pipe to make it pressurized into the cylinder.

ChongqingCummins200- Air Filter.jpg

Air Filter:

The main function of the air cleaner is to filter the air, such as sundries and moisture, into the air of the power engine combustion system of the generating set. When the unit runs, the intake system of the engine naturally aspirated. When the air passes through the filter, the impurities contained will be adsorbed and filtered by the filter. The replacement time of air filters is usually about 800 hours.

ChongqingCummins200-Small alternator.jpg

Small alternator:

The small alternator charges the battery to keep the battery in full power.

3.Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA/200 KW Diesel Generator Set  Project Solutions

Widely used in hospitals, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, mining, telecommunications, highways, workshops, farms, defense and other fields


4. Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA/200 KW Diesel Generator Set Why choose us

1. Certification: we manufacture in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and have the CE certification.

2. Service: 24 hours online to answer any of your questions.

3. Profession: we have a strong professional technical team, specialized in R&D and manufacturing of Gen-sets.

4. Standard intelligent four protection system

5. Electrically adjustable high pressure injection pump

6. Copper Brushless Motor - Permanent Magnet

7. Brand-name electronic components

8. High-strength bending chassis

9. Customized on demand, matching series

10. BEFORE SERVICE: According to the clients requirement and actual situation, we will furnish the technology consultation and kinds of information.

 AFTER SERVICE: Guarantee for one year or 1000 running hours (accord to whichever reach first) from installed date. During the guarantee period, our company will provide the free easy damaged spare parts for problems caused by our quality of production or raw material, except the damageable spare parts  by customer incorrect man made operation. After expiration, our company provides cost spare parts maintenance for gen-sets 

5. Dongfeng Cummins G3 250 KVA/200 KW Diesel Generator Set  FAQ

1.Where is your factory located

Shandong, China, diesel generating set production base.

You’re welcomed to visit us any time for future cooperation.

2. What products do you supply?

As mentioned above, Hengfa power is capable of supplying:

♦ all kinds of diesel generator supplies

♦ Gas generator set

♦ Water pump unit

♦ Fixed power

♦ All generator necessary spare parts

3. How do you control quality?

 Each and every unit is strictly factory tested.

4. Why are you more trustworthy than the other factories?

Quick Response:

We feedback your questions immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days every week.

Competitive Price:

We can provide a more competitive price based on the same quality level by more efficient management in every process.

One-stop Solution:

Just say what you need, and we’ll figure out a one-stop solution for your business to save your time and effort.

5. How do I pay?

We accept 30% payment in advance & 70% before shipment for the first cooperation, either by T/T or L/C.

6. How do I receive the goods?

With our professional transport agents, we are capable of delivering products to most ports all over the world. Door-to-door service is also supported.

FOB, C&F, CIF are most commonly used.

If you are looking for a comprehensive good diesel generators supplier, please contact me. I will do the utmost to give you the best service. 

The main parameters of the generator set

·         GB/T19001-2008

·         SO9001:2008 Quality Control System

Hengfa 250 KVA/200 KW Dongfeng Cummins G3 Diesel Generator Set Technical  Parameters

Generator Sets Technical Parameters

Unit Type:HF200GF

Steady-state Voltage Adjustment Rate(%):≤±1

Output power:250KVA

Voltage Fluctuation Rate(%):≤±0.5

Power Factor:COSΦ=0.8(lag)

Instantaneous Voltage Regulation Rate(%):+20~-15

Output voltage:400V/230V

Voltage Steady Time(s):≤1

Rated Frequency:50Hz

Frequency Fluctuation Rate(%):≤±0.5

Rated Rotation Speed:1500rpm

Transient Frequency Adjustment Rate((%):+10~-7

Fuel Brand:(Standard)0# Light Diesel oil(General Temperature)

Frequency Steady-State Time(S):≤3

Dimensions:3000×1100×1800(L×W×H mm)

Fuel consumption(100%load):196g/kW·h

Unit Weight:2400kg


Diesel Technical Specifications


Cooling way : Close water cycle cool

Diesel Brand:QSB8.9-G4

Oil Supply Way: Direct Spray

Cylinder Number/Cylinder Type:4/L

Intake Way:  Turbocharging

Cylinder Diameter & Stroke: 102*120mm

Over Load capacity:110%

Fuel consumption:196g/kW·h

Rotation speed:1500rpm

Start Method:DC24V electric start


Generator Technical   Specifications

Generator Brand: KWISE

Protection Grade:IP22

Generator Type:S274G200E11

Wiring Way:Three – phase、Four - wire, Y - Type

Rated power:250KVA

Adjustment Way:AVR(Automatic   Voltage regulator)

Rated Voltage:400V/230V

Output frequency:50Hz

Insulation Grade:H

Output factor:COSΦ=0.8(lag)

Packaging: Goods are packed by plywood and suit for sea shipment.          

Payment: 30% as deposit, the balanced should be paid before delivery. Accept T/T                                 

Time of delivery: After payment within 7-15 days.                                  

Warranty: One year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes first.


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