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Diesel Mute Generator Unit: How to maintain Weichai Diesel Generator?

2019-01-15 14:22:50

Diesel Mute Generator Unit: How to maintain Weichai Diesel Generator?

In recent years, with the vigorous development of various industries, in the process of production and construction, the use of Weichai diesel engine industry is also increasing. The price of diesel generators has also attracted wide attention in the market. Weichai diesel engine is frequently used, but attention should also be paid to maintenance. So, what points should we pay attention to in the maintenance of Weichai diesel engine? Diesel generator manufacturer-Comler power analysis:

Below we Comler to introduce the Weichai diesel engine maintenance five points:

1. The difference between voltage regulation and frequency regulation: in a system, the frequency value is irrespective of region, and the balance of active power is also the power balance of the whole system; while the voltage level is not consistent in different areas of power consumption, reactive power balance is mainly in different areas of balance, and the ability of power plant to regulate voltage can only be in a small area around it.

2. When many generators operate side by side, the effect of frequency and voltage on the system is not significant when one unit is regulated by the above method. The main reason is to adjust the load distribution among units, especially for small units in large system. The output size will not have a substantial impact on voltage and frequency. The unit can be regulated according to the need. Therefore, the Weichai diesel engine operates on the grid. Regulation is much simpler.

3. When the generator maintains its active output unchanged, the reactive output and power factor of the generator can be changed by changing the excitation. When the excitation current remains unchanged, the reactive output of the generator will decrease by increasing the active output. If it needs to be kept unchanged, the excitation must be increased accordingly. Low power factor operation will increase the burden of excitation system. In order not to exceed the excitation current at full load rated conditions, output should be limited. In order to ensure the stable operation of generators and maintain a certain degree of stability between parallel motors, the excitation control of generators should be carried out so as to avoid the phase advance operation, not to reduce the excitation current too small, and measures should be taken to prevent loss of excitation.

4. Excitation system not only plays a very important role in generator operation, but also is the weakest and highest fault rate part of generator in structure. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of power generation, sufficient attention must be paid to the excitation system. Necessary checks should be carried out after shutdown and before start-up, especially for the brush device of coaxial exciter. The technical status of brush, brush grip and the surface of commutator should be checked and swept when necessary. Generators should often check whether the brush is ignited or runout; and the inspection, maintenance and maintenance of Weichai diesel engine should be guaranteed to ensure the life of Weichai diesel engine. Use the best quality approach.

5. When the Weichai diesel engine is idle for a long time, or when the Weichai diesel engine is purchased, it is the purpose of reserve. It's very likely that something will break down if you don't use it for a long time. The most active preventive measure is to damp-proof Weichai diesel engine. The temperature of Weichai diesel engine is 5-10 degrees higher than that of the environment. This can effectively damp-proof Weichai diesel engine.

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