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Diesel Generator Use Cost: Safety Operating Regulations for Generator Room

2019-01-04 11:31:40

Diesel Generator Use Cost: Safety Operating Regulations for Generator Room

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1. Generators should be managed by special personnel. Non-full-time personnel are forbidden to enter. Insulated shoes must be used in operation.

2. Corresponding fire fighting equipment should be equipped.

3. Full-time maintenance and operation of generators should be familiar with the principle of machine operation and construction.

4. Generator room should be windproof, rainproof and prevent small animals from entering.

5. The staff on duty must be familiar with the performance of the generator set, and do the maintenance work of preventing freezing in winter and high temperature in summer.

6. Before each use, it is necessary to check the amount of oil, the water tank is sufficient, the accelerator rack is flexible, and the battery has electricity. Before use in winter, test the flywheel several times.

7. Always observe after the generator is running, whether the oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge are normal or not. If there is any abnormality, stop and check in time, and start the standby generator.

8. Before and after the generator is used, it must be in accordance with the electrician on duty in the distribution room. Power transmission should be operated according to the electrician's switching operation rules.

9. Generators are not used for a long time and should be commissioned once a week.

10. Standby generators should always alternate to ensure the completion rate of standby generators.

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