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Design Requirements for Exhaust Pipe of Cummins Generator Set

2019-03-16 09:03:53

Generator units will eliminate a lot of smoke in the operation process, so we should fully consider the feasibility of smoke exhaust in the construction of the unit room, avoid the accumulation of exhaust gas in the unit room. Waste accumulation can cause harm to people, even endanger life, and also interfere with the normal operation of units. Designing smoke exhaust pipe, you can refer to the following principles:

1. Reduce the pressure of smoke exhaust system as much as possible. Excessive pressure will negatively affect combustion efficiency and increase exhaust temperature, which will lead to engine power loss and shorten its working life. Therefore, we should shorten the length of smoke pipe, reduce the number of elbows and the resistance of mufflers and increase the diameter of smoke pipe.

2. All smoke exhaust pipes should be well supported and fixed. The unsupported pipeline can not be installed at the organ of the unit or at the booster outlet of the unit.

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3. Soft connections should be installed between flue pipes and units to absorb heat expansion and contraction of pipes, displacement and vibration of units, reduce the heavy pressure of flue pipes on units and flue pipes, and the soft connections should be as close as possible to the exhaust outlet (supercharger or exhaust pipe) of units.
  4. The exhaust pipe terminal should be equipped with rain cap, cover and other rain-proof to prevent the entry of snow. Condensate water collector and drainage valve shall be installed in the flue pipe part near the unit.
  5. It is suggested that the flue gas exhaust pipe should not be shared by the unit with the furnace, boiler or other equipment. The accumulation of carbon dust and condensate discharged from equipment during operation will cause damage to non-operating units. The passive-driven supercharger will cause bearing failure due to lack of lubrication.

6. Shorten the length of smoke exhaust system as much as possible to reduce the system resistance (back pressure); facilitate smoke emission; reduce the chance of gas condensation and reduce the degree of smoke.

These are the basic design specifications for smoke exhaust pipes of Cummins diesel generating set. In addition, we need to consider the location of the engine room, the design of the engine room, and take into account the wind direction, location, size and other factors to plan the engine room and smoke exhaust pipe reasonably.


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