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Cummins generator set fault treatment: unable to start normally

2019-01-27 10:06:11

In the daily use of generators, many people will encounter the problem that generators can not start. Before Call the Service Provider, we can check the faults by ourselves, which can solve the problem more effectively and improve efficiency. We can see the problems from the following aspects.cummins-genset-manufacturers.jpg

Fault Type: Engine Can't Start

Fault phenomena: start-up operation, engine motor does not work;

Causes of failure:

A. Low battery voltage or insufficient battery capacity;

B. The control startup circuit is not normally powered.

C. Start-up relay not working;

D. Start motor not working;

Fault handling:

A. Check the battery voltage, 12V, 24V when not starting, and the battery voltage during starting (12V system not less than 9V; 24V system not be less than 18V);

B. Check whether the DC power supply circuit insurance or switch is in closed state to ensure the normal power supply of the control circuit;

C. Check the start-up relay to confirm whether it works properly when obtaining the working power supply;

D. Check the starting motor to see if it works properly when it gets the working power supply.

These are treatment methods of the common problems "can not start" in the use of generators. Hengfha is a world-renowned generator equipment manufacturer, providing global power solutions. More questions about the use of generators are Welcome to contact us with service@hengfha.com

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