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Cautions for Weichai Generator Unit Operation in Cold Environment

2019-01-08 15:40:42

Hengfha Diesel generating units are mainly powered by diesel oil, and the engine drives three-phase alternating current synchronous generator to generate electricity. In the case of failure to achieve normal power supply or sudden power failure, the generator sets can provide stable and reliable power as the main power support equipment. Hengfha diesel generating units are often used in special areas, such as marginal areas, desert areas, plateau areas, etc. The temperature in these areas is usually low, which will have an impact on the operation of generating units. In order to ensure the operation quality and service life of generating units, the following details should be paid attention to:

1. In cold weather, Hengfha Weichai generating units should be placed outdoors or in a well-ventilated place in the engine room, not close to doors, windows and vents, so as to avoid carbon monoxide entering the room.

2. The fuel oil of Weichai generator set should be stored in the warehouse, and the facilities in the warehouse must meet the requirements of fire protection.


Turn off the Weichai generator set and add fuel after cooling to prevent the fuel from splashing on the higher parts of the thermometer, to catch fire and cause disasters.

4. Before using the oil drum to inject diesel oil, the oil should be fully precipitated more than 3 days. Before refueling, the impurities of diesel oil should be filtered sufficiently to prevent the mechanical impurities from mixing into the unit, and the oil storage container and the oil tools should be kept clean during operation.

5. During using the Weichai generating units, we should pay attention to the maintenance work, check before and after use, and deal with problems in time.

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