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Cautions for Starting Generator Units with Battery Starting System

2018-12-13 17:14:04

Battery Starting System is the most commonly used startup mode for generating units. In real life, we not only need to know about the selection of batteries forgenerating units, but also need to pay attention to many aspects in the process of using batteries. Only when we fully understand the matters needing attention in the use of batteries, can we make the generating units run better.

Battery generator starting system normal operating voltage of 12V or 24V, note the following:

1) The battery pack should provide the starting current unit specified in the instructions. Optional access to lead-acid batteries or nickel-tin batteries. The battery should be dedicated or authority recognized models.

2) Should be equipped with all the engine-driven generators and large-capacity DC automatic voltage regulator, can ensure that the unit is running on battery.

3) The system shall be equipped with emergency power supply for each ordinary float charger, battery backup to ensure that when the unit is fully charged and ready to start the engine.

4) Standard will generally prescribe maximum battery charge time; the charge current is calculated as follows:

Charging current two (12X battery ampere hours) / charging time

5) when the unit ambient temperature may be freezing, the customer is obliged to install a battery heater, in order to ensure that the battery temperature is above 10 ℃ (507F).

6) Standard rack unit random with battery and battery cable connections.

7) Between the battery and the starter motor connecting cable voltage drop should be less than 12V system IV; 24V system should be less than 2V.

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