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Cautions for Fire-fighting Generator Sets

2019-01-03 15:20:04

Fire safety has an important impact on the daily life of residents. Fire protection must be timely and effective. When the power supply conditions in this area fail to meet the power supply stability requirements of the first and second fire-fighting loads, it is required to set up fire-fighting standby diesel generators to meet the power supply requirements. The following aspects should be arranged:

1. Self-contained emergency generating units should be equipped with automatic starting and power automatic switching devices, and have the function of three consecutive self-starting. For special buildings, the switching time of self-starting is increased correspondingly. For other buildings, manual starting device can also be used when it is difficult to use automatic starting.

2. Fire standby diesel generators should generally be started by electricity, not by compressed air. The total number of generating units should not exceed 2 units, and the capacity of a single unit is generally below 800KW.

3. Quick start, easy operation and maintenance.

4. Fire-fighting generators require high performance of the units, and need to select a brand with stable performance. The allocation and power of the units should also be reasonably selected.

Hengfha Fire Protection Generator Unit has the characteristics of stable performance, strong environmental adaptability, low failure rate and durability. It can meet the needs of most enterprises and institutions, such as banks, shopping malls with large passenger flow, e-commerce companies and other places, and provide comprehensive power solutions for various places.

More questions about fire-fighting generators are welcome to consult the hengfha Power Supply. We provide technical consultation, unit supply, after-sales service, maintenance and so on. Welcome to contact us with service@hengfha.com

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