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1600kw natural gas generator: What are the functions of the oil-water separator in the generator set?

2019-02-12 09:36:35

We all know that diesel generators have a chance to take advantage of some impurities such as dust and rust, no matter how carefully the fuel is used and stored. Ordinary filters are not waterproof and are easily blocked by dirt. It does not provide more effective protection for the engine like a water separator. The moisture in the fuel is very harmful to the engine, and there are two ways to harm it:

First, it will cause rust;

Second, when it is converted into water vapor, it will damage the injector, resulting in reduced accuracy. The water will continue to cool in the fuel tank, so it is impossible to completely separate the oil and water, so oil is needed.

The water separator performs oil-water separation. For users who use the generator set as a common power source, the oil-water separator is used to separate the fuel for the first time, which can achieve the greatest economic return.

The above is the relevant knowledge that Xiaobian explains for you. We have a rigorous work attitude and skilled work skills, which will ensure the task is completed accurately and efficiently.

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