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China power generating sets factory successfully installed 500kW Weichai generating unit with rain proof trailer for gravel field in Santa Cruz

2018-11-21 17:28:00

China power generating sets factory hengfha installed Weichai 500kW rainproof mobile generating unit for gravel field in Santa Cru.

Weichai diesel genset power plant pictures-500kw1.jpg

Weichai 500 kW generating set is equipped with Weichai power Baudouin series engine WHM6160MD628-5. Baudouin series engine adopts French Baudouin technology, has reached the level of military diesel engine with good economic performance, reliability performance and low noise performance. Weichai 500kw generator set is widely used as main power supply based on its excellent stable performance.


In this gravel yard project, hengfha recommend Weichai 500kw Baudouin series genset mainly considering its good performance and long-term operation characteristics. The gravel yard is located in a remote location from the urban area, and the power supply mainly depends on the generators, so the generators are required to operate continuously for a long time. At the same time, it needs to meet the requirements of convenient movement and suitable for field use (with rainproof function).


At present, hengfha Weichai 500kW generating unit has been installed and debugged and has been put into operation.

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